Service offer

We offer comprehensive pharmacological service in the field of pharmacology, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, pathology and histology.

We provide full service for biological (including laboratory examinations), analytical and statistical part of the studies.

We propose appropriate study design and prepare Study Plans for preclinical and clinical studies. Results of the GLP, GCP and GMP studies are compiled in Final Reports, which are part of the Registration Dossiers to be submitted to Regulatory Authorities.

Biological parts of GLP and GCP studies

Biological part of studies are performed on target animals (cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, rabbits, dogs and poultry) and also on laboratory animals, when the study is relevant for the research and development of pharmaceutical products for veterinary use.

Analytical parts of GLP studies

LC-MS/MS or HPLC are used for the analysis of active substances in blood plasma/serum, milk and edible tissues: liver, kidney, muscle, fat, fat and skin, etc. All methods are validated in compliance with EMEA and OECD GLP guidelines.

Statistical parts of GLP and GCP studies

Statistical evaluation of results of all studies (bioavailability, bioequivalence, pharmacokinetic, residue, tolerance, toxicological, etc.) is performed using EquivTest PK, Statistica 8.0 and SAS software.