LIVACOX Vaccines

LIVACOX® vaccines are live attenuated coccidiosis vaccines for domestic poultry (Gallus domesticus). The LIVACOX® vaccine range consists of LIVACOX® T for broilers and LIVACOX® Q for breeder and layer pullets. The vaccines were developed in our company by the research team headed by Dr. Petr Bedrník, they are products of BIOPHARM, Research Institute of Biopharmacy and Veterinary Drugs, Czech Republic and are manufactured on-site.

These vaccines are successfully used both in the Czech Republic and in more than 40 countries of 4 continents, meeting the strict requirements of poultry welfare, protection of human and animal health, and protection of the environment. No residues are in the final poultry products (meat and eggs) after vaccination, which is beneficial for safe bio-production and healthy food.

LIVACOX® vaccines are produced in accordance with the stringent requirements as stipulated by Good Manufacturing Practice for the manufacture of sterile immunological preparations and medicaments.