Projects, patents and publications

Current grant projects

TACR - DNA microchip for the direct diagnosis of pathogenic bacteria.
TACR - Diagnostic kit for the detection of chemical damage of the environment based on cell cultures.
MZe ČR - Advancement of chicken transgenic technology and its biotechnological application
GAČR - Transgenic models of transposon insertional mutagenesis in domestic chicken

TACR - Genetic program for 2 lines hybrid of layers (breed) for egg production and cockerel meet production in Vietnam and South Asia farming condition.
GACR - Gene targeting on chicken and the resistance to newly emerging retroviruses.
TACR - The life attenuated vaccine complemented with recombinant antigens against Salmonella and coccidiosis.
GAČR – Interspecies transfer of poultry testicular cells
GAČR - Vectors derived from avian sarcoma and leucosis virus and their potential for poultry transgenesis
MŠMT - Spermatogonial Stem Cells in the Process of Chicken Spermatogenesis
MŠMT - Modern bio-techniques procedures allowing long term conservation of poultry cells


Czech patent CZ 289464: Method of transgenic fowl construction
European patent No. 958098.6: A Method of transgenic fowl construction
Czech patent CZ 293226: Method of preparation of express vectors for the production of transgenic animals.
European patent No. 1217072: Method of the preparation of an expression vector for the production of the therapeutic proteins in the transgenic animals.


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